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 ​MARACATU is a major cultural expression from Pernambuco in the northeast region of Brazil, which involves lively dance, music and theatrical performance. This is a family-based tradition where the dance characters flow in movements that are related to the power of nature and recreate a crowning celebration of the King of Congo. The costumes are very colorful and the drumbeat takes everyone around to an ecstatic mode. On this rhythm you have the influences of Brazilian Indigenous, Africa and Europe.



MAFUA invites you to become part of the BLOCO!
  We have started a corwod funding campaign in order to get our costs covered and present a great Pre Carnival Night and Carnival Parade!
* For Drummers and dancers ( adults) please apply for Carnival and/or get your ticket for the Pre Carnival Night or a t-shirt, or many other ways you can support via our campaign link here!
  This year we have as our special guest a top legend from Brazilian Percussion world: SIMONE SOU! Click here for her full profile!
  One of the first female percussionists, she is now based in Neatherlands where a new fusion between Brazilian and Balkans vibes are showcased through her work with Oleg Fateev! They will open our Pre carnival Night on Aug 22nd at FLORIPA!
   Recently performed in UK ith Dj Tudo e sua Gente de Todo lugar, at BBC Radio Stage at WOMAD Festival and a sweet Introductory Masterclass where the 4 rhythms presented in carnival where played.
  * Maracatu
  * Ijexa
  * Coco
  * Ciranda
  She will lead the procession and pre carnival rehearsal (s)



























 Maracatu and other rhythms such as coco, ciranda, ijexa and body percussion will be performed in this melting pot that is culture from northeast of Brazil!


   The great news is that this year we are parading on SUNDAY 25th which then allow us to invite children and their parents to perform with us. This is a great opportunity and sets another event in partnership with Taru Arts as kids will play all recycled musical instruments!
                          THURSDAY 22nd - PRE CARNIVAL NIGHT at FLORIPA
  WIth Live sets by:
                                         SIMONE SOU + OLEG FATEEV
                                                  ALEH FERREIRA
                                                MARACATUDO MAFUA
                                        and Cal Jader on the decks!


   On Sunday, august 25th we gather our students from all over UK into a grand finale!


Check our sweet memories from last year and welcome to the family!!!
​     From queen, princess and pernambucanas we present beautiful costumes  to be filled by amazing joyful dancers!
   This year we shall be making new costume sby reusing and customising Gown and Prom dresses, giving a green feel to our movement!
    If your thing is play, we have the following instruments in order for you to shine your light!
   * Alfaia
   * Snare
   * Gongue
   * Agbe/shekere
   * Shaker
   In 2013 will be our 3rd year parading with Cocoyea Mas Band and we can only say a big thanks to the people who have inspired and performed with us!
Each participant + our special guests;


  2011 - Wendell Bara as musical director (Supported by Arts Council England)

  2012 - Caravana do Coco e da Ciranda with Mestre Santino Cirandeiro and    

               Coco de Praia.
  JOIN US!!!
Artistic Director:​


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