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Gandaia Carnival Cultural 2015

Ola amigos!


We are very excited to take you in our sweet calendar of hot activities on not only Olinda but also Rio de Janeiro and Salvador if schedule allows!


  Since 2007 our bridges between foreigners and brazilian artists/groups has lead to some amazing partnerships and we know that beside our programing many wonders will come to each of us through spontaneous situations!


  Details of each activity are still being aligned and also being shaped by your responses! So speak out!


In 2014 we have the following dates and cities as main destinations:



Recife:  February 2nd until 19th 

Rio: From Feb 19th until 25th

Salvador: From Feb 25th until march 9th ( Salvador and Chapada Diamantina)



* Mariana Pinho ( me) will stay in Olinda/Recife for carnival as we head to Rio for the Champions parade but can also help on logistics if you wish to be in Rio for Carnival time.



    To know more about our previous programs please check:

   * Video of our 2013 below



























 * 2014 photos here and in many other albums of our Gandaia page on facebook!



   To APPLY please fill the form here!

Gandaia Cultural Carnival - Brazil


 Join us on another summer season!

Since 2007 we are a bridge between foreigners creative and artists/groups in Brazil.

In 2014 we had the following dates and cities as main destinations:

Feb 2nd- 9th RIO DE JANEIRO
Feb 9th - 16th - SALVADOR
Feb 16th - 25th * - RECIFE
Feb 25th - 5th march - RIO DE JANEIRO ( city)
March 5th - 10th Chill out in CABO FRIO ( seas side of Rio state)

We have some amazing albums to share with you and fill your soul with brazilian carnival goodness!


Please check our albums here!

Soon we will be posting more links of previous travels, this was 2013's trip in Olinda!
 WATCH OUT 2015!!!























Details of each activity are still being aligned and also being shaped by your responses! So speak out!

So far we have contacts for all cities on the following areas:

* Maracatu/orixas/afro/frevo/cavalo marinho/coco/samba

* same as above and beyond!

* Samba school
* Maracatu groups
* Afro blocos

Volunteer work ( what can you offer?)

Specific networking

Specifically to the cities:

Rio de Janeiro:
Volunteer internship in a samba school ( either Mangueira or Mocidade)
Visit a samba square/rehearsal
Perform with a samba school on Carnival Parade

Volunteer work with the kids from Olodum

* Perform with Nacao Pernambuco ( dance) at the Night of Silent Drums  
*Meet the project of kids frevo and company Folkloric Ballet of Recife
* Visit Lia de Itamaraca at the Itamaraca Island ( Ciranda)
* Drumming masterclass with Mestre Toinho from Nacao Encanto da Alegria
* Possible visits to other nations, sessions with Gilu Amaral ( OCO) and Peixinhos ( with Toca Ogan from Nacao Zumbi)

To apply please fill the form and we start the communication, posts about what to expect and budget updates shall be shared on both blog and internal docs!

So join this if you mean it!!!

Mariana Mariana Rabello Pinho
Artistic Director Gandaia Arts

"Cultural Event" - Brazilian International Press Awards/Focus Brasil 2013

skype: gandaiauk

Gandaia albums

©2012 Jerry Shaw

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