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When India meets Brazil














        Yamuna Yemanja is a project that through the support of Arts Council England and brilliant partnerships engaged students and audiences in a series of collaborative workshops across the UK.
Linking the Afro-Brazilian gods ( Orixas) with the traditional Indian Gods in a dazzling display of carnival arts, in two major public arenas. Brazilica Festival ( Liverpool) and Notting Hill Carnival ( Pre Carnival Night at Rich Mix as part of Youth Takeover and Parade). 
Using kathak and maracatu in this dialogue, we have gathered the following artists in this process.
Dance by Manuela Benini and Rosaria Gracia
Music director: Simone Sou
Artistic Director: Mariana Pinho
Costumes by M.W.A.H.
Guest groups includes Daka Doum ( Cornwall), Maracatu Cruzeiro do Sul ( Brighton) and Afon Sistema ( Bristol)
Singers:Rebeca Vallim, Sally Chop and special guest Ambika Jois
In London and on the 3 guest cities the Dance Coordinator Mariana Pinho and Music Director Simone Sou introduced the series of steps and musical pieces that were presented at Notting Hill Carnival.
  This project is a start point and 04 Indian Gods and 04 Orixas are represented. The idea is that slowly we can gather more cultural dialogues as both cultures have its own identity and our aim is to create a paralel, not comparison.
- Xango - Indra - 
Play Aluja to Xango with a Indra mantra.  
Introduce the theme of  "Maracatu Indianao" from  Maracatu Nacao Pernambuco 
- Iansa - Vayu - 
The sog is called "OYA Mulher Forte" by Afoxe Oya Alaxe and an aguere will be played after with the layer of the following Vayu mantra  
- Iemanja - Varuna
 Play the rhythm Jinka of  Iemanja for the song "Canto de Iemanja" by Vinicius de Moraes Baden Powell.
-Oxum - Yamuna
 Here 2 songs by Afoxe Oxum Panda ( Jorge Riba) will be put together and afoxe will be the base for the mantra for Yamuna.
- Ciranda
We shall play "Mamae Oxum" 
The steps and movements have been share via dropbox link here.
Manuela Benini, Mariana PInho and Rosaria Gracia break down the movements and intentions from both maracatu and kathak culture.
The videos, arragements for each instruments can be found vai dropbox here
 Enjoy our playlist on our YouTube channel here!



Simone and Mariana's pre Carnival rehearsals
Sattelite guest groups!
Paul Dodd, Rosaria Gracia and the members of the group
hosted our 1st session on july 19th!






Thanks to Rachel Achol de Garang ( Tribe of Doris) we had the pleasure to join Jackson Lapes in his new group on Monday July 22nd!
From coast to coast our project reached many lovers of brazilian culture!
Session on tuesday july 23rd!
Special thanks to Anna Roberts and Robin Tyndale-Biscoe for this partnership that had its content also reaching their festival BEATS and the streets of Falmouth Carnival!
Pre Carnival Night at Rich Mix
  As part of Youth Take Over
on Aug 20th
Listen to the recordings of the night here!
Manuela Benini - Yemanja and kathak solos.
Pic by Janet Olinda and Carlitos Nino.
More pics of our Pre Carnival Night, final rehearsal, preparation and parade by Matthew Webb!

Full album here!

Manuela Benini is the heart of this project and it is with great honor she has trusted us to produce this cultural bridge between both her passions: Indian and Brazilian culture!
                          Namaste Ora ye ye!
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