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Illuminating creatures!

  Enjoy the presence of our Illuminating creatures!

These costumes can be used  for editorial photoshoots,  stage performances, walkabout events, night parade and pop-up interventions! 

  Ideal for Bonfire nights, Xmas and all winter bookings!

We can provide, upon request and budget, professional performers and face painting artists.

Most costumes can also be wore on stilt and we have a selection of back packs that can be held as props too!

minianaalta copy.jpg

See her standing there,


See the tilt of her chin,

The focus in her eyes

The strength in her stance.

Bare feet grounded In the Earth Embracing the darkest hour

For that is when her

True essence

Shines Brightest of all.

She is not here for you.

See her standing there,


With the weight of the world

On her shoulders

Yet still she moves

With grace and determination.

Wings spread,

Hope embodied

A tenderness

That can change the world.

She is not here for you.

See her standing there,


See the courage in her Heart,

The fire in her Soul.

She has wept a river of tears

She has shed Generations of fears

She is poised, and ready.

She is not here for you.

She has awoken

She has freed herself

She has risen.

Grounded in her truth

Centred in her peace

She is Balanced

And she is Ready.

She is here for her.

With Spirit at her back and a talisman woven into her armour

She is Ready.

And she is here.

(by Emma Nathan)

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